Story 1.  The Encounter that changed my life

Met her at a new sheesha corner for the first time.

Covered in smoke like a diva, sober she looked intriguingly fine.

Ignoring wasn’t possible as she sat on the chair opposite to mine.

Wait, Is she smiling at me or is it the wine!

I wonder what she up to when she said covering your face in a selfie is a crime.

I’m usually not clumsy but she helped me with some tissues and said anytime.

Friend next to me, saw me sweating and she said don’t worry you’ll be fine.

Mesmerized by her winged eyeliner and nose ring with a dazzling shine.

Craven, I felt couldn’t ask for her number, was I even trying?

Winter felt beautiful while she was wearing her weaved red scarf before getting out of the door.

I could hear words like “are we leaving or you want to chill further more”

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