She kissed to kill and I was ready to die. Story 1 episode 5.

Meeting her again was destiny and she felt the same.
Holding hands and slipping into Camelot was a perfect frame.

we moved in together for some months and I told her that I like her and she felt the same.

Feelings were different it was no more a game.

She promised that she would love me every moment of her life and all my love is for her, she claimed.

She was the one to tame me down and I was sure this relation has some name.
When she kissed me the time stopped, her lips felt like a cold flame.

I had to see my friends one evening and she wanted to come along and I wished the same.

We met some friends and friend of friends who praised her for those beautiful curls.

The words went on as her eyes shine like dazzling pearls.

Before I could stop this She pushed me up against the wall and said honey I’m all yours.

I can handle things like this and she can handle this and I need not worry about it again.

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