Alluring Coffee and more. Story 3 episode 6.

While he’s in the kitchen, she felt the awkwardness but couldn’t help.

She gathered all her strength to ask if he was dating someone. And he answered me.

Sitting alone on the sofa, Clinching the towel she felt like a smelt.

Here’s your coffee he said. And she thought to herself “he’s as cute as a whelp”.

“Maybe I’m scared for no reason, maybe he’s open to indulge. Maybe I’m going too fast, my action is so impulsed”.

So many thoughts running through her mind but his intentions kept him recede.

She kept thinking how to get close and a couple of hi5 was triggering the need.

The attraction was strong and leaning close increased the greed.

That passionate kiss left them speechless and the walk to the bedroom was unmentioned but agreed.

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