Story 4. When Kids fall in love. Can it be called true love?

Enjoying the ice cream in hot summer in Punjab, felt so relaxing.

Didn’t care about what function I’m attending.

That’s the fun of being a kid, who the hell is tracking.

Parents stop you from overeating, everything for them is so vexing.

Slipping out of their sight is easy, But, not being in trouble is the best thing.

“Excuse me, can you get me that ice cream.” She said. Her beautiful eyes left me guessing.

Every kid on the block was in love with this cutie. And resisting this would leave me regretting.

Butterfingered but I had to manage the ice cream from falling. Oh wait, what a mess.

Clumsily grabbed some napkins, and her anger popped my heart out of my chest.

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