Sometimes it’s just that Last Try that can change things. Story 4 episode 3.

Early morning two days later, let me not forget how beautiful she looked in that ugly sweater.

I tried to approach but, to her, I was a traitor.

But, suddenly something changed and she walked towards me. Damn, she looked like a troublemaker.

To my surprise that was a sweet handshake, with a smile, and her puppy eyes, her beautiful lashes, perfect nose, her soft skin.. oh wait I’m off track…

So, that was the best morning ever, Stress on my mind was lighter. You must be wondering what stress would a 10-year-old have.

The only girl that you like is mad at you, what could be bigger than that.

I chased her secretly everywhere she had to go, the secret was not a secret as I couldn’t blend in, the nerdy look of mine left me to look like a prole.

Somehow she didn’t mind as we were friends now I guess, I can’t forget the fact that she looks stunning in that pink dress.

I know all of this would not make sense. but who cares I’m in Love

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