Indirect Encounter with love and lust. Story 5 episode 2.


Sitting in the classroom looking outside the window, beautiful view she encountered and was excited to touch the snow.

less did she notice four eyes admiring her. yes, four. the first person was admiring her genuinely another one was full of lust, disguise to be friendly. Both of them trying to be her beau.

Some friends, whom she thought was true, did nothing but confuse the pure soul. But who would stop the lusty Dan who tried everything to steal the show?

Shy Tom kept thinking how beautiful Amanda is, unaware of Dan’s behavior. What can I say Tom was just another schmo.

After being caught admiring Amanda by Dan, Dan tricked Tom to be his friend. Digging all the info he needed because Amanda was not just the one that Dan was trying to know.

Poor Tom, unaware what this was leading to. simply mesmerized with her glow.

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