Creating my own doppelganger. Story 5 episode 6.

I moved with Tom and was his neighbor for six months and Tom was actually a mess.

Lots of grooming, arranging for his clothes and cleaning his room that looked like trash.

I had a moment of regret, but I was not ready to give up as I see him crying in stress.

This man was true from his heart but, someone who didn’t value him was freely love making at her best.

Tom was ready for change but his cocky behavior put me off frustrated and irritated but this was helping me learn how to have my patience I guess.

he learned how to talk, changed his haircut and even copied my beard style.

I see his dedication to be fine as heck and I could see him copy my smile.

Taking selfies that showed his masculinity and gave him a geek look at the same time and I saw our poses matched on every picture he pushed on Instagram. and I clapped for a revised Tom that caught eyes of several in no time.

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