Story 6- When it’s too early to end. But, you keep it alive in you.

The year 1997, 11-year-old boy grieving for his lost love. Wait does he even know anything about grieving. He sure as hell does.

She tried to tell her mom that she loves him while sitting on a parapet and her mom jokingly said she can’t have a boyfriend now. She asked what’s the fuss?

Her Mom turned towards her “cause you are too young for all this my love.”

She replied if you don’t agree I’ll jump.

Mom replied with a giggle “You are crazy, we will talk about it when you turn 18, let’s see if this lasts”

“Now come on and complete your homework You have school tomorrow,” her mom said.

Her mom saw her getting off the parapet and started walking towards the kitchen.

On her second step, she heard a bang as if something heavy dropped.

Her Heart sank. She ran towards the parapet it was the first floor of her bungalow. Saw her daughter lying on the ground with head bleeding.

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