Real you can never hide. To find someone; first, find yourself. Story 6 episode 5.


pexels-photo-169972Fed up of his fakeness he decided to have some strength and quit the game.
What you sow, so shall you reap suited well for this male.
What he got was a player coz all he knew was to play well, the attempt was in vain.
Bumped into a limping girl didn’t care to say sorry walked with head in the air, it is what it is no one can be blamed.
Saw a dehydrate sparrow on the ground with kids gathered around, caught his eye.
He rushed to handle the situation as he hates to see people dying.
This uneasy feeling reminds him of the one he lost and couldn’t save.
This side of him was real, unaltered but hidden from the fame.
Here take some water this would save your sparrow said the limping girl.
Took the bottle without turning but returning the bottle changed the frame.

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