When love is shattered and hurts so bad it’s no pain compared and nothing heals what is wrecked. Story 6 episode 10

Before she could introduce him to her family, news spread like fire.
She was restricted to meet him any more it’s all hurt desires.
Her father had a very amazing way of making a point across.
She was provided her favorite expensive coffee every day and chauffeur driven car, the expensive weekend gateway with her friends. And Jordan kept wondering why such a chaos?
Bella got the point, there is a difference between her lifestyle and what Jordan can’t provide.
And Jordan going out of his senses, his new phase and alter ego started to collide.
Acting bipolar trying to shut the monster not believing what just happened, but trying to keep his promise to bury the bad. But how could he as he fights himself day in day out, trying to run away from himself and he hunts himself down. Every day he wins and losses at the same time as its the conflict that’s killing him and saving him apparently moving towards doing things to get her back.
That is the effect of love. Or I should say ill-effect.

And here I am thinking what a ride that would have been.

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