Story 7 episode 5 – She Vanished into thin air and I kept looking for her everywhere.

joel-herzog-432948-unsplashThat night I went back to the same club and she was nowhere to be found.

The bartender smiled at me and I smiled back saying cheers, I wonder he knows something or to my story would he mound.

I somehow convinced myself maybe I could be right or wrong I might sound.

“Hey Jim, you remember I was talking to this girl last night here?” Yup, he said.

“Do you know who she is? Is she regular?”

He smiled and said don’t get into a mess.

Recommended not to contact her if I have her number. Or stop looking for her.

This made me more curious.

Now I was regular to that club and Jim and other bartenders knew me by name but secretly I was looking for something which was nowhere.

I tried going around where I dropped her but it seems a young couple recently move to that house and no one knows about her.

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