New member in the house could we ask for more trouble. Story 8 episode 3

6532c-1gsf_1eeju5mdf22pew9mrgShaun was new edition as a roommate for Leo and as expected he was good with words. Alluring was his thing and Natasha could have been a new bird.

Leo caught them being very close one night but nothing happened between them. In interim Natasha flew to Alberta with Sam for few days and no one knew about her plan but Leo. she treated him as a brother but her actions were a bit blurred.

Somehow her family got to know about her blunder. She was back to Toronto and thought Leo could have snitched but she wondered. Her Fiance called it off and could not put up with a cheater. Sam settled in Alberta and she was all by herself lonely. Her behavior causes a slur.

Now what’s left for her was sadness which was driving her crazy. At least she got Leo with her. But wait, he was a snitch or maybe he’s not. It could be Shaun or someone else could have heard.

Baffled how to make things fine between herself and Leo she kept stressing her mind. She ignored Leo after returning, how could he be fine. She tried talking to him but his reaction made her whine.

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