Weed, Sex, and repeated mistakes. Story 8 episode 4.

sarah-louise-kinsella-460571-unsplashShaun being Shaun invited his new girlfriend Molly home. They gathered in the backyard, he thought this is the right time to get people into things that he enjoyed. He pulled a joint out of his pocket and offered it to his girlfriend and Leo. But, Natasha was sick so he didn’t offer her.

Natasha inconsolable but still in her senses asked for a puff. He handed it to her without thinking. after finishing it all she looked quite rough. Shaun asked her if she was OK? which she didn’t look like. They were sure she had too much.

Molly Tried to handle Natasha but things were out of control. Molly asked Leo to try and handle her. “Are you OK?” asked Leo, as He huffed. She looked at Leo and hugged him so tight. I’m sorry for doubting you she gruffed.

She was high as hell and started kissing him. he tried to push her but she pulled him close enough. Shaun smiled and said we should go inside the house. Before entering Natasha started to throw up.

Molly and Leo helped her get in made her rest on her bed.

She insisted “Leo please wait with me, I would feel better,” he said OK and sat on one side of the bed. Meanwhile, Shaun closed her door. having some privacy with Molly in the living room but Molly was loud. This triggered Natasha and she pulled Leo close to make out.

Next morning Leo was in guilt and Natasha showed affection and care. Leo thinks this shouldn’t have happened, and Natasha packing a lunchbox for him to eat at work. While he was leaving, sweetly she said: “Take care”.

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