All she wanted was to be Loved. isn’t it? Story 8 episode 5

Leo cogitated while eating his lunch, what would be the right thing to do next. He was seeing this other girl, and if she got to know about Natasha she would be vexed. Coming home to Natasha and she was ready to be sexed.
This went on for a week and wouldn’t stop until Leo protests.

He couldn’t take it anymore. This time he stopped her and asked what does she want? Where is this heading to? She needs to be clear. Or is this all to vaunt?

She replied we just having fun, isn’t it?
I’m not looking for anything promising. I’m just sad and need some company. Am I too demanding?

Leo agitated but didn’t utter a word. He had his thoughts cleared and got back to his girl. Went back on his staple diet as those packed lunch boxes were not worth. Kept himself busy as he knew the trouble and wanted to be away from her mirth

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