She couldn’t see her Love moving on. Or can it be called Love? Story 8 episode 6

Shaun moved in with his girlfriend. Excitedly invited friends to see his condo and just a small get-together.
Leo got Molly with him and Natasha walked in dazzling alone.
Saw him so close to Molly and was jealously mind blown.
How quickly her bunny rabbit slipped through her hands, I could see the change of tone.

Natasha pulled Leo in the balcony away from everyone forcing him to kiss.
“Do you know how much you mean to me Leo, being with you is what I always miss”.
Leo shocked with her words but confidently pushed her away and said you and me are really different, maybe you can’t see but there is this abyss.

Natasha warned him “one more step and I’ll jump”. Leo didn’t see this coming and his heart started to pump.
He stopped and turned and she started to kiss him right then.

Leo helpless and stressed disliking everything left in a rage. Natasha had crossed her limits and couldn’t be trusted, like a psycho she could blame it on him. He felt just like in a cage.

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