She was in search of serenity, just in a different way. Let’s wrap it before you start judging. Story 8 episode 7

Riya was back in Toronto and Natasha had to behave. Leo felt relief but trying to hide things from Riya, being happy in his space.

Soon Natasha got uncomfortable with Riya and decided to move to Alberta forever.

For one last time, she hugged Leo really tight and said: “I’ll miss you the most.” This left everybody wonder. She was the spark that never wanted to surrender.

I would really like to conclude this story. Do you think Natasha was wrong? Who the hell are we to judge? It was her way to break free. She did, what she had to. She didn’t care about society and unwanted things. In the end, all she was trying to find was some affection and Love. Some would say she was all messed up. But, do remember we all have done crazy things in life. This was her crazy story. And now she’s well settled, happily married with one kid and nothing to regret. I don’t motivate you to take her path but just learn to live every moment. speak what you have to. kiss if you want to. Break free if you need to.

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