When you least expect. You find love. Story 9 Episode 5.

Struggling between handling himself and falling but actually avoiding the love that was always there for him.

The Phone rings and he picked up the phone. “Its been more than a month you not picking my phone. Are you even alive? What have you done to yourself?” She complained. He stumbled as the light were dim.

Listening, understanding or reacting to this would be the way she thought. But, the chances were thin.

He replied with “Hmmmm”. “And what about me? She asked. “Do you even care for me?”. He raised his eyebrow being confused. Couldn’t understand her whim.

I care for you and you ignore me running behind people so grim.

“Dexter, you call me your best friend and to get your attention, chances are so slim.

“Can you meet me Rachel?” He asked. “I can’t breathe in this sorrow, I’m drowning, I can’t swim.”

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