The Meet. Giving attraction a chance, Can I resist? Story 2 episode 2.

New day, new job and I’m so excited to start. Forgetting about the past, having hope in my heart.
Dressed sharply I enter the training room.
Performed the best I can, like a knight in brume.
Training all done in a week. And I’m ready to perform.
Let me guess who would be my “on the floor buddy”. “Is it a joke or another storm.”
Not surprised when they make me sit with the one who was trite.
Here is your floor buddy, said my manager with a pride.
She looked at me with those lucid eyes.
Work is pretty easy she said, “I’ll be very precise.”
I look least interested as she looked at me.
Are you ok? She asked.. me talking to myself “yes I’m fine indeed.”
She smiled said you look sweet just don’t be nervous you would do well “indeed”.
The day comes to an end and I’m still ignoring her.
And not just her but all the girls around her.
Don’t wanna be in a mess again. Already been hurt, don’t wanna fall in a frame.

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