Searching for happiness in small things. Story 9 episode 3.

Not sure if he was disturbed or he loved torturing himself.

Usually found sitting on a bench outside a graveyard watching people passing by, he was just like an old book on the shelf.

Preaching how to appreciate the love but look at him, loneliness was his wealth.

Collecting hoodie and watches was his thing. And not to forget about flings where he dwells.

You should see him on the dance floor. Things could be as messy as hell.

Is he confused? Nope. Is he wasting his life? Nope. Calm as a psychopath and crazy like a party animal. How can play both sides so well?

“The Beatles” was to make himself believe. Linkin park, Metallica and Eminem for that rush. Pink Floyd and James blunt to slowdown. Day ended with jazz and Frank Sinatra and Bhangra was to freak. So many masks but he lived in a shell.

Always very confident. How to make a difference he could foretell.

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