Temporary Goodbyes – Wish we meet again. Story 4 episode 4.

All the functions are done. Everyone leaving and so is she. We did exchange some words but how am I suppose to know if she likes me. Can I do something to stop her? What should I do?

Fine, whatever my small brain can think of I should ignore the consequences and tell her what I feel.

Caught her in the corner, just like some movie scene. don’t know what to do next. Here I was, confused stammering trying to deal.

Gave her a rose and said I really loved her. she hugged me and said she loved me too. I wonder if we could meet soon.

We both know that was not possible. and things change from morning to noon.

Life teaches you everything but it doesn’t teach you to forget. Do your self a favor, Love now and express there should be nothing to regret.

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