That righteous girl. Story 8 episode 1


“Finally I’m here,” she said to herself with a sigh, when she cleared immigration at the Pearson Airport.

Leaving her conservative family and overprotected fiance back home to fulfill her dreams.

“I hope my friends have come to pick me up.” Again talking to herself while admiring how beautiful it feels to be in Toronto. This would be a life-changing experience. Soon I would call my to-be husband to join me and would someday settle down here, she thought.

“Hey, Natasha! look here”. She could hear someone screaming. It was her friend Riya and her younger brother Leo who had come to pick her up.

She called her parents and her fiance to inform she reached and it feels amazing to be here. They took Natasha home, served her dinner, and showed her, her room.

Leo contemplating, she looks too innocent to be real. “But, I would mind my business,” he thought.

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