Options are dangerous. it changes your perspective. Story 8 episode 2

alexandru-acea-744066-unsplashNatasha settled down and made some new friends. She merged in the crowd, learning new things being face to face with western trends.

Beautiful people around her so open-minded she was so eager to blend. She dropped her capote of being religious and going by the rules. Her restrictions had so much to vent.

She met Sam at college and started spending more time with him she was on a wend. And why not he was well settled, had a job and a BMW to drive and her fiance was struggling as she compared them. She had more options now, all she had to do is act innocent and pretend.

Affair, cough, and fragrance can never hide. her story started to spread. Her fiance was still unaware. Thinking his to-be wife is the most loyal person in the world, there is nothing she can intend.

Riya confronted her about her affair with Sam and Natasha confessed that’s true. I’m out of this said Riya and I would not support you and this would end up bad, this should not extend.

Riya moved with her parents for some time to be out of this drama. But Leo was there for Natasha to apprehend.

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