Poem. The End. The Beginning.

That moment when you look back and realize how far you have come.
To achieve something or be at a position & you no more can run.
They say, never look back but it’s very important to know where you came from, to know how strong you are, to push yourself to extreme, to know there is no limit.
But, there is a price paid, loneliness is the price to be a beast and it’s better than being a face in crowd at-least.
Blueprint on my mind is to defrost, with my footprint is hustle endorsed. There is no one word to express what is this feel. complex explosions and the need to exceed.
Pointing my finger to the mirror on the wall awakening the inspiration and unhook the troll.
Talking to the mirror, “what would you do if I push you from the hill?” May be you learn flying, if not then let it kill.
Aggression on the path covered with the snow.
Holding the sword I slice while I prowl.
The End. The Beginning.

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